Social payments



Individuals working in Norway under an employment contract or engaged in business activities, which have dependent children under the age of 18 have the right to receive a variety of benefits in Norway.

Barnetrygd – a benefit (970 kr/month) granted to children under the age of 18, if at least one of the parents works in Norway. Payments are made in the month following the child's birth or the date one of the parents commenced work in Norway. It may also be possible to receive this benefit retrospectively for the last 3 calendar years.

Term of processing in NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service) - 8 weeks.

Kontantstøte – a benefit (7500 kr/month) Payments are made for a maximum of 11 months. It may also be possible to receive this benefit for the last 3 months. Term of processing in NAV - 4 weeks.

Utvidet barnetrygd – a benefit provided to parents raising children alone – 1,940 kr/month. Term of processing in NAV - 8 weeks.


Persmisjon med foreldrepenger - maternity/paternity leave. Leave is provided in the event that you have worked for at least 6 out of the last 10 months before going on maternity leave, and have earned at least ½ G (from 05.01.2016 G is equal to 92,576 NOK).

Maternity leave in a standard case begins 3 weeks before the planned delivery date; the duration of the maternity/paternity leave depends on the chosen level of payment:

49 weeks of leave - when you choose 100% of the wages.

59 weeks of leave - when you choose 80% of the wages.

Fedrekvote, mødrekvote - paternal / maternal quota. The paternal quota is for 10 weeks and is available only if both parents have worked in Norway and have the right to maternity/paternity leave. During the paternal/maternal quote the other spouse is not required to work or study.

One can use the paternal quote in its entirety or in part, until the child turns 3 years old, but a request for the use of the quota or its postponing shall be submitted before the expiry of the maternity leave


Engangsstønad ved fødsel og adopsjon is a lump sum benefit for childbirth or adoption. It is provided to mothers registered in the Norwegian National Insurance System (having an ID, D-number, and residing in Norway) at the time of the birth or adoption of a child/children. The benefit since 1 January 2017 is 61,120 Norwegian kroners (NOK).

It is possible to send a request for the lump-sum benefit not earlier than the 26th week of a pregnancy, and not later than 6 months after giving birth.

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