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Our company BALTIC HUS as a welcoming host is happy to see every guest invited to the house.

We try as a good host to make our clients’ stay in our company as comfortable as possible. Here you can get all the advice you need in your native language. We have a warm and caring attitude to each client and try to find an individual approach to suit each of you.

We are known to be a company with a soul.

We act as a connecting element in the chain between our client and the Kingdom of Norway.

We have unified all of our clients in a single database of employers and job seekers, which allows us to provide assistance to both. Undoubtedly, accessing support when settling in to a new country is very important for our clients. We are highly mobile, we have 25 years of experience in different markets, we quickly adapt to changes in legislation, which gives us a distinct advantage compared to other companies providing similar services.


Reviews by our clients are placed on our website, and you can directly contact each of them and find out their opinion about US.

opinion about US.

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