Accounting services

For those who need an accountant who speaks your language in Norway.
Accounting services
For those who need an accountant who speaks your own language here in Norway
Accounting Norway and their legislation are well known to our team of highly qualified specialists. You can entrust us with full bookkeeping, starting from primary documentation to professional budget planning.
BHR FINANS is a member of NARF, which guarantees that all work is done strictly in accordance with the legal regulations of the country.
Our excellent knowledge of the law is a guarantee for the security of your business.
We can offer:
-  Accounting and audit, a full range of services;
-  Annual reports and declarations for the tax service;
-  Professional counseling;
-  Cost accounting;
-  Online accounting;
-  Salary and personnel management;
-  Startup/closing of a company;
-  Services for foreign companies;
-  Business consulting and support;
-  HSE courses and training;
-  Permissions and certificates;
-  Services for private clients.
All work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law, taking into account innovations and amendments to tax acts and rules.
We provide one-time accounting services and work on an ongoing basis. Why you should choose us:
- Timely completion of tasks;
-Quality control;
- We hold ourselves responsible for the work done;
- Loyalty system of discounts for new and regular clients.
You can safely trust us with the accounting of your company.

Offer for new clients
Free startup of the company
You should contact us if you:
-  Are just starting your business in Norway and are not oriented within accounting;
-  Looking for a qualified specialist to be responsible for your accounting;
-  Think that your current accountant does not cope with the tasks present and needs an audit.
We provide quality accounting services for an affordable price.

We offer two payment systems
Which enterprises is it suitable for?
Fixed payment system is suitable for enterprises with a stable, predictable and regular monthly volume of incoming and outgoing documents.
Advantages of choosing fixed payment system:
- Continuous monitoring of expenses for accounting services;


Which enterprises is it suitable for?
Variable payment system depends on the amount of time spent of performance of a task.
Advantages of choosing variable payment system:
-  You can delegate any order to our accountants at any time;
-  The cost of the accounting services is proportional to the activity level of your company within a specific period of time.
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