Tax returns

Norwegian law provides partial return of taxes paid over the past 3 years. In order to return taxes and refund the money spent, it is necessary to file correct paperwork and reports for a certain period of time.
To find out what documents are required from you and how much compensation you can count on, fill out the form. Consider the data filled out carefully, as the resolution of the case in your favor is dependent on it.
Verification of the declarations does not take much time and does not require any financial investments.
Does your whole family live in Norway?
We only use your data for the purpose of processing your income tax return. We guarantee that your data will not be used for any other purposes not related to the provision of the service and will not be passed on to third parties. The person who fills in the form is responsible for the accuracy of the data indicated in the form. If the data are incorrect, the estimated amount to be refunded may change. An additional fee will be charged for the correction of refunds due to incorrect data. The contractor is not responsible for actions or decisions made by the IRS. If the IRS rejects your return because of false information, inability to substantiate the information provided, delay in providing required documentation, or other reasons, the fee paid for processing the return will not be refunded. The IRS has the right to request verification of the information provided by documentation or to request additional documentation. If you require additional documentation, BHR Finans & Regnskap AS will provide it for an additional fee. The tax office may reject your return, and we can appeal this decision. There is an additional fee for resubmitting your return. "BHR Finans & Regnskap AS does not undertake to verify the accuracy of the data submitted and may rely on legally valid documents.
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